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Info & tips on saving water and energy

Info & tips on saving water and energy

Are you eager to save water and energy and become more environmentally aware? Is it important to you that resources are used in a sustainable and cost effective manner? Then you've come to the right place! You'll find valuable tips and information in our online magazine.

Practical water saving tips and key info on sustainable energy and resource use

Our online magazine gives you essential insights into water and energy consumption, along with useful tips on saving water and energy.

Saving water: twelve tips with a big impact

When we use less domestic hot water, we also save energy and money. But how can we reduce our everyday water consumption? We've got twelve water saving tips for you. 

Latest articles about water consumption and saving water

Be smart: save water!

A small investment that would save a lot of energy long term? These water saving products make it possible to save energy, gas, and water at the washbasin, in the shower, or in the kitchen. They are very easy to install and improve your environmental footprint.

Simple water saving products for your home

Whether taking a shower, washing hands, or doing the dishes – the potential for saving water and energy in everyday activities is very high. With water saving aerators and flow regulators, you can give your kitchen and bathroom faucets an upgrade that will pay off for you – with minimal effort and without having to freeze in the shower.

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Water saving solutions in industry and public facilities

For many commercial and public facilities, there is significant potential for savings on water and energy costs. For example, energy saving flow regulators in schools, hotels, or businesses that have to provide showering facilities for their employees in accordance with workplace regulations, can ensure effective control of water flow rates and thus save costs. 

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