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Größere Wassermasse, vor der einzelne Tropfen durch die Luft spritzen



Chances are your water consumption is higher than you think. In many households, for example, 15 liters of water come out of the shower – and that’s per minute. Find out now how much water, energy and money you can save.

Calculate your savings potential

Heating this water costs energy, which you have to pay for. With water- saving faucet aerators and flow regulators for the shower, your water consumption and energy bills can be significantly reduced. Our water and energy saving calculator tells you just how great that reduction could be.

How the water and energy saving calculator works 

Simply enter how many people live in your household and the average usage time of the shower, washbasin, and kitchen faucets per person per day. Our calculator then shows you how much water, energy, and money you can save.

Of course, we don’t know the exact details of your contract with your water and energy provider, so our calculations are based on statistical averages.

However, to get even more accurate results, you can use the cogwheel icon to open the expert settings and customize the calculation values. 

You can even enter the actual flow rate of your faucets. This video shows you everything you need to do in order to calculate your savings potential.

How to measure the current flow rate at your washbasin and in the shower

Do you want to know how much water really comes out of your faucets? This video shows you a very simple way to find out.

Save energy with water saving products

Even small changes in your home, business, or public facility make a big difference in water and energy consumption. You can save even more energy, and money with it, by fitting water saving products in the faucets of showers, washbasins, and kitchen sinks. Neoperl offers the right aerators and flow regulators for every application.

Be smart: save water!

Neoperl products additionally support you in saving water and energy. Whether at the washbasin, in the shower or in the kitchen: they are easy to install and help reduce your water consumption.

Simple water saving products for your home

Whether taking a shower, washing hands, or doing the dishes – the potential for saving water and energy in everyday activities is very high. With water saving aerators and flow regulators, you can give your kitchen and bathroom faucets an upgrade that will pay off for you – with minimal effort and without having to freeze in the shower. 

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Water saving solutions in industry and public facilities

For many commercial and public facilities, there is significant potential for savings on water and energy costs. For example, energy saving flow regulators in schools, hotels, or businesses that have to provide showering facilities for their employees in accordance with workplace regulations, can ensure effective control of water flow rates and thus save costs. 

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