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Save water at home

Save water at home

One simple way to counteract exploding energy costs? Reduce your domestic hot water consumption! This helps you to avoid expensive electricity or gas bills at the end of the month and is a positive step given falling groundwater levels. Best of all, with our tricks and handy gadgets for your faucets, you can save water without compromising on convenience.

Lower your energy costs with practical water saving products

Even small changes in the home can make a big difference to your electricity and gas bills. You can save energy, and money with it, by easily retrofitting water saving products to your showers and your washbasin and kitchen faucets. You'll find the right aerators and flow regulators for any home here:

Save water and energy at the washbasin

When washing your hands or shaving, aerators ensure that you save water and energy at the washbasin. Why wait any longer? Find the right aerator now.

Save money when showering – with a flow regulator

Showering accounts for an especially large amount of water and energy usage in our homes. Water saving flow regulators significantly reduce domestic hot water consumption in the home, without taking from the shower experience. 

Saving water and energy in the kitchen

In the kitchen, you can easily save energy with water-saving aerators. Whether it's washing dishes or fruit – discover the right model for you now!

There's a really simple way to measure the flow rate at your washbasin and shower

Interested in finding out how much flow regulators and aerators can save you? The video shows you how to simply measure your flow rates.

Save water – in your business as well!

Water saving solutions in industry and public facilities

For many commercial and public facilities, there is significant potential for savings on water and energy costs. For example, energy saving flow regulators in schools, hotels, or businesses that have to provide showering facilities for their employees in accordance with workplace regulations, can ensure effective control of water flow rates and thus save costs. 

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